Areffa High Quality Retractable Outdoor Table – Make the most of your outdoor space, easy to carry and easy to use.

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Do you like spending time outdoors? Whether in the backyard, patio or park? If so, we have the perfect products to maximize your outdoor experience and create versatile spaces for a variety of activities. Our high quality retractable outdoor tables are designed to be portable, versatile and easy to use, bringing convenience and functionality to your outdoor space.


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The lightweight outdoor carbon fiber table + carbon fiber kitchen cabinet combination is a functional kitchenette that brings convenience and comfort to outdoor cooking. Its design is inspired by the lightness and durability of carbon fiber material, which can be easily moved and carried.

The tabletop space is generous, providing plenty of room for cooking and food prep. Whether chopping vegetables, turning pancakes, or storing cookware, it won't feel crowded. The aluminum alloy black-treated table top is easy to clean and does not leave food stains easily.

Carbon fiber kitchen cabinets provide ample storage space. You can put all kinds of condiment bottles, pots, utensils and ingredients, etc., to keep your table clean and organized when cooking. Moreover, the durability of the carbon fiber tripod material ensures the stability of the cabinet and is not easily damaged by corrosion in the kitchen environment.

In addition to the spacious table top and storage space, another feature of this combination is that it can be easily moved. The light weight of carbon fiber material makes the whole combination very easy to move, and can be moved to any position outdoors or indoors at will. This provides greater flexibility and convenience for outdoor cooking.


Whether it is an outdoor barbecue, outdoor camping or family gathering, it can bring you a convenient and comfortable cooking experience.

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Tables and kitchen cabinets can be combined freely, and can be built into a right-angle shape or a straight-line extension shape. The operation is simple and convenient, and it is stable and flat after assembly


Carbon fiber table, aluminum alloy table board can be moved at will, you can move 2 aluminum boards to build a 1-unit IGT stove rack, and a 1-unit IGT stove can be used in the frame, which is convenient for storage and cooking

Small items can be hung on the side of the table to expand the use space, and the items are stored in categories to keep the desktop clean and orderly

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Small items can be hung on the side of the table to expand the use space, and the items are stored in categories to keep the desktop clean and orderly

The lower layer of the table is fixed with 600G mesh cloth and carbon fiber bracket, which can store light items, store items reasonably, and be convenient to take and place.

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The cabinet is made of 600D fabric, no smell, no fading, not easy to wear

There is ample storage space in the kitchen cabinet, three layers of space, and the layers of items are not messy

There are small mesh pockets on the side of the kitchen cabinet, which can place small items and make full use of the overall space

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Small storage volume, easy to carry

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