Who We Are?

Foshan Areffa Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 and located in Xiqiao Tourist Resort, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong Province. Our factory covers an area of around 6,000 square meters. In 2020, we are rated as a national high-tech enterprise.

We offer one-stop service from product design, manufacture to sales. We mainly produce products including outdoor folding chairs, outdoor folding tables, folding racks, barbecue grills, shopping bags, casual bags, etc. Many of our products won the design awards in Japan and passed ISO9001 and SGS quality certification system. For more than 20 years of development, we always adhere to the concept of “Innovation and Gratitude”, and strive to produce high-quality products which are welcomed by worldwide customers. We are partners with well-known brands in the world.

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Simple but not simple, it is most people's perception of life.

Brand Concept

A reffa has always adhered to the idea of ​​"simplification from the road", because "simplification" is the "road", which includes breaking the traditional limitations and quickly becoming an eye-catching brand at home and abroad.

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In a wide variety of markets, Areffa is not unique, but it is different. When Areffa stepped up its pace of development across the country, it also insisted on maintaining its own corporate culture. In addition to bringing simple and beautiful products to all parts of the country, Areffa also brought freedom The spirit spread everywhere. For young people, they are more eager to be the protagonist and free person than the practicality of the product.

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In terms of brand strategy, Areffa is also doing the opposite. The real core of the Areffa brand is to make more people who love camping become brand communicators, rather than rigid advertising. Areffa is not selling furniture, Areffa is building a free and leisurely life mode for you.

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Areffa's unique strategy adopts an integrated brand model, that is, it has its own brand, design, manufacturing and sales channels. On this advantage, Areffa keeps trying and innovating, only to make more valuable products and influential brands.

Currently, we are building on our own brand. If you are looking for a company values quality and service, we look forward to working with you!

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Business Philosophy

Camping is a spiritual pursuit, not a complete material enjoyment. So from the very beginning, Areffa took another path, deciding to stand on the side of the "majority of people" and respond to the yearning of people all over the world for nature: they have various dreams and aspirations.

Areffa hopes to improve their camping life and their daily quality of life at home.

In the early days of camping, outdoor products were usually available to the few who could afford them. The traditional campers are mainly outdoor mountaineering and hiking enthusiasts, but now more are home users, because as long as they go out to enjoy the outdoors, a canopy, a chair, and a teak table can be called camping. .

Arefffa's chair, you can put it in the study for reading, or in the bedroom alcove.

Areffa's table, you can put it on the balcony to drink tea and bask in the sun, it can be folded up when storing, and can be easily stored at home,

Areffa's products are also comfortable furniture for home.

There is no shortage of outdoor products, but delicate thoughts.


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