Our Founder

Mr. Jimmy Leung, the founder, has 43 years of experience in factory manufacturing and has been a sole proprietor of factories for 36 years.

From 1980 to 1984, he worked as an engineer at Hong Kong Crown Asia Watch Group and Hong Kong Golden Crown Watch Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

From 1984 to 1986, he founded Hong Kong Hip Shing Watch Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Onway Watch Manufacturing Factory.

In 1986, he founded Hong Kong Onway Watch Metal Co., Ltd. and Foshan Nanhai Onway Watch Industry Co., Ltd.

In early 2000, he began to develop outdoor folding furniture and have been cooperating with well-known brands in many countries.

He then established Foshan Areffa Industry Co., Ltd in 2003 and launched the outdoor brand Areffa in 2021.

Areffa is a manufacturer of watches and outdoor folding furniture with more than 20 years of experience. We have been exporting high-quality outdoor camping products developed and patented by ourselves to foreign countries, including South Korea, Japan, Europe and etc.

As the market changes, instead of reminding people to look at the time, our founder — Mr. Jimmy Leung decided to create a brand that tells people to value and enjoy the time. Camping activities are a new social interaction and lifestyle for urban dwellers to relax themselves, get close to nature, and enjoy a resort-style life.

While developing and producing folding furniture for worldwide renowned brands, Mr. Jimmy Leung strives to produce high-quality folding furniture products for the locals. Therefore, he devoted himself to building the brand — Areffa, and determined to become Chinese high-end outdoor camping brand.

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Brand Development

Areffa was founded in Foshan, China in 2021.

Its products include: tents, canopies, campers, folding chairs, folding tables, folding beds, folding racks, barbecue grills, etc.

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Our high-quality selection and exquisite craftsmanship have won widespread praise and love from consumers.

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Every small screw is perfectly integrated to the composition of each component. The delicate and exquisite craftsmanship can withstand the scrutiny of time.

Brand Development (3)

Our products are diversified in style, lightweight yet stable, simple yet fashionable, and meet the needs of different customers. 

With the continuous R&D and innovation of the senior design team, we now has 38 patented products, and developed into a high-end outdoor brand in China that integrates R&D, production, design, sales and service into a high-tech scale enterprise.

Brand Standards

We value the quality of raw materials and functional design style. All products give priority to natural materials: 1. Burmese teak from virgin forests; 2. Natural bamboo more than 5 years old, etc. From the source of raw materials to the subsequent manufacturing and molding of raw materials, we strictly control according to our procurement requirements, inspect semi-finished products, and inspect finished products.

We are meticulous in every detail of the process, every screw, every material selection, and every moment of time. With the spirit of craftsmanship and entrepreneurship, we wholeheartedly polish our products and truly strive for excellence.

We are well aware of the significance of product quality and functionality to the brand, and insist on focusing on high-end quality and original design. Exquisite craftsmanship combined with unique functional design contains unique style make our customers feel satisfied and relaxed.

Brand Concept

Good works are thoughtful and can be communicated with people.

Areffa insists on innovation and gratitude.

Areffa's high-quality products also meet everyone's pursuit of leisure life.

Areffa keeps trying and innovating, just to make products with more value and an influential brand.

Areffa looks forward to one day becoming a pioneer in the outdoor furniture industry.

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From the Great Road to the Simple

We insist on innovation and gratitude. Our high-quality products also meet everyone's pursuit of leisure life.

Through continuous trials and innovation, we strive to create an influential brand and make our products with higher value.

We are looking forward to becoming the pioneer in the outdoor furniture industry.

Simplicity is our perception of life. A good product must be thought-provoking and able to make users feel happy and relaxed.

We have always adhered to the idea of simplicity, and will continue to design products that meet consumer needs in more areas.

We are committed to breaking the limitations of tradition. Although we are not the only one in the market, but we strive to be different m.

While we increasing our pace of development across the country, we also insist on maintaining our own corporate culture.

In addition to bringing simple and beautiful products to the world, we also want to spread the spirit of freedom everywhere.

For modern people, they are more eager to be the protagonist and the free agent than to use products.

Brand Vision

Camping is a kind of enjoyment, a spiritual pursuit, and people's desire for nature.  

We hope to bring people closer to nature, build connections between people and people, and relationships between people and life through camping.

Take our portable camping equipments to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and explore a different style experience.

In nature, you can enjoy the wind and rain, see the mountains and rivers, or listen to the singing of bir

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