Areffa exquisite camping table——durable and portable, portable outdoor camping table

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What sets our sophisticated camping table apart is its innovative cooking features. The table comes with a specially designed removable top that can be placed on top of the IGT stove, turning it into a convenient cooking surface. You can prepare delicious meals at your campsite without the need for bulky cooking equipment. This is the perfect solution for those who love to enjoy the beauty of nature while cooking outdoors.


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This lightweight folding table is an ideal entry-level table at a great value.

The table is designed to be easily folded and unfolded for easy portability and storage. With a smooth load capacity, it can safely support the items of daily use. The tabletop is teak board as the top material, which has excellent durability and aesthetics, and can easily adapt to various decoration styles. The teak board also has the function of free movement, which can be moved freely according to the needs.

The frame design of the table is more free and can be easily combined with IGT peripheral products. According to needs and space requirements, the table can be combined with other IGT products (1-unit hob, 1-unit stove) to achieve a personalized combination, which can adapt to different usage scenarios and needs.

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The table frame consists of two parts, the aluminum alloy frame and the short stainless steel sides. The aluminum alloy frame is light and strong, providing a stable support for the table. Stainless steel short sides give the table extra strength and durability. Both materials are not easy to rust, and the table frame is carefully designed to be stable and reliable. The maximum load-bearing capacity is 20 kg, which is suitable for placing various items. Ideal for outdoor camping, home offices, study areas, or commercial locations.

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The table of this design adopts a U-shaped design for the table legs, which can ensure that the table is evenly stressed and prevent the table from tipping over. In addition, non-slip foot pads are installed at the end of the legs of the table, which can ensure that the table is placed firmly on the ground and is not easy to slide, thus making the table more stable.

The desktop frame and table legs are triangular support structures, locked with stainless steel buckles, and the support is more stable and firm

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The tabletop is made of 6 pieces of Burmese teak, smooth polished, greasy and shiny, unique natural wood grain, not easy to deform, insect-proof, corrosion-resistant, teak board can be moved freely, when moving 2 pieces of Burmese teak, it can accommodate 1 1 unit Stove; when moving 4 pieces of Burmese teak, accommodates 2 1-unit stoves.

The table is equipped with an outer bag for storage, which is convenient for storage and travel more convenient

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