Areffa high-end adjustable height aluminum picnic table

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Our tables come in two convenient sizes: 55cm and 70cm. Whether you need a compact desk for your laptop or a spacious tabletop for outdoor picnics, we’ve got you covered. The table width provides ample space for all your work, entertainment or dining needs. With our lightweight aluminum tables, you can expect functionality and versatility, all in a small package.


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The table is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, which is light but strong. Its desktop width is available in two sizes, 55cm and 70cm.

The table is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, which has the advantages of light weight, strong and durable. Compared with traditional wooden or steel tables, aluminum alloy tables are lighter, easier to carry and place, and provide stable support and compression resistance.

The table is available in two tabletop widths of 55cm and 70cm. You can choose according to your needs, simple and elegant design, stable and powerful table legs, smooth and easy-to-clean tabletop, corrosion-resistant and waterproof. Whether it is used in outdoor camping, home, office or other occasions, it can provide a comfortable environment.

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The desktop adopts all-aluminum structure, the overall table has a fashionable and beautiful appearance, with excellent strength and stability, the groove embossing design makes the desktop more beautiful and elegant, highlights the simple and fashionable style, and increases the service life of the desktop. The entire surface has undergone a special process processing, smooth surface, comfortable touch, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, not easy to damage, easy to clean and maintain

The connecting parts of the table are the key parts connecting the table top and the table legs. The stainless steel hardware has excellent corrosion resistance and is not easy to rust, which improves the stability and durability of the table, and can keep the table beautiful and have a long service life.

High-quality rivet fixing can provide a more stable connection, so that the table can withstand greater weight and pressure, and it is not easy to loosen, and the stainless steel rivets have good corrosion resistance, keeping the connection firm.

High-quality stainless steel hardware and rivets are selected to meet people's needs for the use of the table and improve the overall quality and grade of the table.

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The table is a new and innovative design, its four legs have free adjustment function, the height of the table can be adjusted according to personal needs and preferences, and it can adapt to any terrain.

The height adjustment function of the four legs of the table is easy to operate. When encountering uneven surfaces, a certain leg can be adjusted individually. After the adjustment, the table can be placed stably on the ground, and the height of the table can be easily adjusted to meet your own requirements.

The advantage of this design is that the table provides a stable platform for working or cooking no matter where it is

products feature

High-quality X-shaped aluminum alloy support design, which has the advantages of stability and anti-shake.

The X-shaped structure can increase the overall stability of the table. Because the diagonal supports are connected to each other, they can withstand greater vertical and horizontal forces and distribute these forces evenly on the various parts of the support, preventing the table from shaking, tilting or wobbling when subjected to external forces, and can be used with confidence table.

The X-shaped bracket can reduce the vibration and vibration of the table, making the table more stable, and the user feels more stable and comfortable when using it.

The X-shaped structure also has high stability and load-bearing capacity, which can effectively disperse and bear the weight of the desktop and the items placed on it.

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The table can be assembled and disassembled easily. It consists of several independent parts: table top, legs, easy storage and easy folding features, practical and flexible outdoor furniture options. Whether it is outdoor camping, home, office can well meet your needs.

small storage volume

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Product Advantages

The table can increase the surface area and provide more space for placing items or performing cooking activities. Can be used to build a 1-unit IGT hob, which can expand the function of the workbench, and the rack can accommodate an IGT hob, allowing you to install the hob above the table to cook food.
The advantages of using a table with 1 stove include:

By embedding the hob directly into the tabletop, extra kitchen space can be avoided. The extension function of the table and the combination of the stove can rationally utilize the limited kitchen space.

When the stove is not needed, the table can be used as a normal dining table for meals, work or other events. And when you need to cook, you only need to put the stove on the stove, which is convenient and quick.

Table extensions can often be easily folded or retracted, making cleaning even simpler. When it's time to clean up the tabletop, simply fold or retract the extension for easy cleaning.

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The dining table is closely integrated with the stove, making cooking more convenient and comfortable. The cooktop requires no additional storage space and is adjacent to the dining area, making it easier to maneuver and interact with others while cooking.

Increase desktop area, save space, multi-function, easy to clean, comfortable to use. This design not only improves the practicality and comfort of the kitchen, but also better meets the needs of different scenarios.

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