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Carbon fiber is a strong, lightweight and durable material, so chairs made from it offer many advantages:
1. The carbon fiber chair is very light, easy to carry and use. You can easily put the chair in your backpack or vehicle and enjoy a comfortable seat anytime, anywhere.
2. The carbon fiber chair has excellent strength and stability. They are able to withstand weight and pressure without being easily deformed or damaged, ensuring your safety and comfort.
3. The carbon fiber chair also adopts a simple appearance design, paying attention to details and texture. Whether you’re camping, picnicking, or outdoorsing, these chairs showcase high-quality craftsmanship and design.
4. The carbon fiber chair can provide you with a comfortable and safe riding experience. Whether you are in the mountains or on the beach, the carbon fiber chair allows you to enjoy moments of relaxing and comfortable rest in natural surroundings. Whether you’re enjoying the outdoors or just relaxing for a while, these chairs are ideal.

Product Features

CORDURA fabric is a very high-quality choice, especially as a must-have material for outdoor camping chairs

CORDURA fabric is of exceptional quality and durability.

Strong flexibility:
The flexibility of CORDURA fabric is very good, it can adapt to the shape of the chair, and it is not easy to deform during use.

The CORDURA fabric is very soft, which makes your chair seat more comfortable and you will not feel uncomfortable when you sit for a long time.

CORDURA fabric is known for its lightness, which makes the chair easier to carry and move.

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Stable color:
The color of CORDURA fabric is very stable, not easy to fade, and can maintain a bright appearance for a long time.

CORDURA fabric is easy to clean, you just need to wipe it with mild soapy water. This makes it easier to keep the chair clean and hygienic.

Not stuffy after sitting for a long time:
CORDURA fabric has excellent air permeability, and you won't feel stuffy or airtight even if you sit for a long time.

Choosing CORDURA fabric as chair seat fabric can provide multiple benefits such as comfort, durability, easy cleaning and stable appearance, making the chair you use more durable and have a high-quality experience.


The edge of the seat cloth is indeed meticulously crafted. The flatness and tightness of the seat fabric are carefully added, and these details make the edges of the seat fabric look stylish and refined. Wu Lun is the beauty and texture of these fine craftsmanship that can be felt when touching or looking at the seat cloth. Fine workmanship not only makes the seat cloth more durable, but also provides a more pleasant and comfortable experience for your outdoor camping or leisure time.

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The carbon cloth imported from Toray, Japan, used in this chair bracket contains more than 90% carbon, which is ultra-light and stable, and has good fatigue resistance.
Low density, no creep, and can withstand ultra-high temperatures in non-oxidizing environments.
The chair frame adopts black fancy design, fashionable and elegant,
The chair rest can be used normally between -10°C and +50°C outdoor temperature, but please avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and frost.

The integrated hard plastic buckle of the chair frame makes the appearance more concise and smooth.
The whole chair frame appears more complete and beautiful, which can improve the quality of the chair.
The one-piece hard plastic buckle chair frame also has higher production efficiency. Compared with the traditional splicing process, the one-piece molding technology can reduce the steps in the chair assembly process,
The advantages of the one-piece hard-plastic buckle chair frame are solid and stable, durable and firm, beautiful and simple, and high production efficiency.

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The chair has a wrap-around design that provides great comfort for the back. The back of the chair perfectly fits the curve of the waist without any sense of restraint to the body, so that you will not feel tired after sitting for a long time. This design focuses on natural release, giving a more comfortable and relaxed feeling.

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The high-back moon chair is thoughtfully designed with a small detachable pillow, so that the muscles can be leaned more comfortably

When the small pillow is not in use, it can be glued to the back of the chair, which does not affect the appearance and is not afraid of being lost.

The advantage of this chair is that it has a small storage volume and does not take up much space, so it is very suitable for carrying when camping outdoors. Because it folds up for easy storage in a backpack or the trunk of your vehicle, it's easy to carry around. Whether you are going for a long-distance camping or a short outdoor activity, this chair can easily meet your needs, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable seating experience in the wild.

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