Sophisticated, stylish and lightweight beach folding chair debuts

Beauty will quietly change with the changes in life.
Heartbeat is a choice based on personal instinct.

We always say that autumn is golden, with crisp air and warm sunshine, making us even more greedy for camping time.
The arrival of the new season is the time for Areffa to recommend good things in life to everyone.

The light of autumn always makes people's bodies and minds become clearer. It is the time to feel the things around them better.
Do you think so too: no matter what season, you still want to join the world and breathe new air.
This is an item designed by Areffa for everyone this autumn, hoping to bring you a little relaxation and cure the remaining fatigue of summer.

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This is a unique design, the seat fabric is made of high-quality Dyneema fabric and the chair frame is made of carbon fiber material, which makes this chair have many unique advantages.

Dali horse fabric is made of high-quality Dali horse thread and some other fabrics. The surface of the seat cloth is smooth, the friction coefficient is low, and it is not easy to fluff.

Dalima thread is a high-strength polyethylene fiber thread that is twice as strong as carbon fiber and can withstand long-term use.

The strong corrosion resistance of Dali horse seat cloth provides a comfortable sitting feeling with its soft and comfortable fabric;
The material of Dalima can absorb sweat on the surface of the body and quickly discharge it, keeping the seat dry;
The Dali horse seat cloth can be easily cleaned and is not easy to fade or deform, keeping the chair clean and beautiful.

Lightweight and durability have always been the core of Areffa's pursuit of standards, and these properties are often inseparable from the material of the fabric, and the emergence of Dalima meets our needs.

The pink horse, gorgeous and gentle, is a delight to watch in daily life. Simple, playful and comfortable.

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The white strong horse is bright and transparent, full of vitality in the bright sunshine. Refreshing, delicate and lazy.

The strong small plaid pattern of the seat fabric matches the black color of the carbon fiber chair frame, which not only highlights the fashion personality but also increases the beauty of the chair.

Carbon fiber materials have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance.

The use of this material makes the chair more stable and durable, able to withstand greater loads.

At the same time, carbon fiber materials also have excellent anti-seismic properties, which can effectively reduce or eliminate vibrations and provide a more comfortable sitting feeling.

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The chair is more user-friendly, can provide the most suitable sitting posture and support, reduce the burden on the lumbar and cervical spine, and improve the comfort of long-term sitting.

Sensory happiness is often so direct and simple: it can be seen, touched, and felt.

The classic lines and simple colors of the Dalima carbon fiber moon chair always make us feel relaxed.

Because vision is closely related to memory, it becomes part of the mood.

This attention to detail makes the chair not only a functional piece of furniture, but also a decorative piece that complements the space.

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High Back Moon Chair

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Low Back Moon Chair

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Areffa's worship of a better life is greedy, and we understand the importance of "making the best use of everything".

The biggest advantage of the moon chair is that it can be changed at any time. The bracket and seat fabric are a separate combination.

For example: If you like the white Hercules seat fabric very much in the morning, then put on the white one; in the evening if you want to change your mood, then put on the pink Hercules seat fabric.

Or those who have purchased a carbon fiber moon chair made of Areffa CORDURA fabric in the early stage can choose to purchase a strong horse seat fabric. The seat fabric can be replaced at any time and the installation is also very simple.

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Free-stick headrest

The high-back moon chair is equipped with a high-density sponge headrest. The strong Velcro will not slip when in use. The curvature of the pillow can provide a comfortable pillow for the head and neck when in use. It can be used when not in use. Stick on the back.

Another advantage of the moon chair is its small storage volume and convenient travel.

Simple packaging, comfortable hand feel, simple and compact packaging, it is easy to fall in love at first sight.

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Dali horse outer bag*1 / Dalima headrest*1 / Strong horse seat cloth*1 / Carbon fiber bracket*1

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Dali horse outer bag*1 / Strong horse seat cloth*1 / Carbon fiber bracket*1

Areffa pursues perfect appearance and functionality, injecting its own ideas and inspiration into every detail. This concentration and care are reflected in beautiful objects.

Beautiful objects, because of the efforts of their makers, have become shining objects in life. The joy we feel during use is the transfer of energy.

Areffa wants to spread happiness to everyone.

Happy autumn to you!

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Post time: Nov-06-2023
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