Areffa 72BD Larger Widened Camping Chair High-End Durable Camping Chair Bamboo Armrest Camping Chair Outdoor Folding Chair High Back Back Aluminum Alloy Outdoor Chair

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This ergonomically designed chair does provide better comfort and support. The curved design can better match the curve of the back, effectively reducing back pressure and improving sitting posture. The widened backrest can also provide a larger support area, making the sitting posture more stable and comfortable. The design of this chair can indeed break the shackles of traditional straight chairs and bring users a better experience.

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This chair is made of thickened 1680D fabric, which has excellent wear resistance and tear resistance. The fabric thickness is moderate, which will not make people feel stuffy and provide a comfortable sitting feeling. The fabric is also wear-resistant, which can guarantee that it will not be damaged after long-term use.

This chair frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which can effectively prevent corrosion after hard oxidation treatment.

The structure is designed as an X-shaped large-scale display rack, which has the characteristics of stable load-bearing and rollover prevention, which brings people a full sense of security.

The link parts are made of stainless steel hardware, and the surface is oxidized, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of rust problems.

The design and material selection make the chair frame durable, corrosion-resistant, and can be used for a long time without losing function and beauty.

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The armrests of the chair are made of natural bamboo, which has the characteristics of high hardness and good strength.

The tabletop of the armrest of the chair is designed in original bamboo color without excessive treatment, retaining the natural color and texture of bamboo, and the surface is smooth and comfortable. Bamboo itself has a warm color, which brings a natural and warm feeling to people. The slub pattern is also very clear and adds texture and beauty to the chair.

The curved design of the armrest of the chair can better conform to the natural hanging posture of the human arm, making it more comfortable and relaxing for users to sit on the chair.

Bamboo also has anti-mildew properties, which can effectively guarantee the quality and service life of chair armrests.

High-quality non-slip mats: excellent anti-slip effect, durable and wear-resistant, with cushioning effect, providing extra stability, durable and not easy to deform, can adapt to different floors, such as wooden floors, tiles, carpets, etc., to ensure the chair Stays firmly in place.

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The product is very convenient and practical. It only takes 3 seconds to open and fold. It is equipped with a thoughtful 300D outer bag, which can protect your items from damage and is easy to carry without pressure. Whether you are traveling or daily use, this product will make your journey more comfortable.

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