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My camping life, ongoing

I really like camping, especially in the summer. Every day, I head into summer with a new mood and some must-have items.

"A little new, a little old."
Bring a little new mood every day, some commonly used items, encounter summer.
This season is so bright, it seems like every day is a new beginning.

Areffa Meets Summer (1)
Areffa Meets Summer (2)

After the summer solstice, I revisited the details of my life, and like the altocumulus clouds after that rain, my mood became full and light. At this time, I also began to like home camping.

When sunlight shines in through the windows, the whole room becomes bright and comfortable.

I have a favorite director's chair that brings a camping vibe to my home. Sitting on this chair, it feels like I am outside, enjoying the beauty of nature. In today's society, the material is overflowing and the spirit is lacking.

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Among the many choices, people often choose items based on the criteria of usability and beauty; while comfort and ease become the rules for us to protect our mood.

This is one of the reasons I love home camping. This way of life allows me to find a corner of peace and happiness in the busy world.

Black mesh director D chair, a folding high chair, the seat height is about 46cm, and the legs hang down naturally after riding.

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The chair uses lightweight thickened aluminum alloy round tubes as the tube material and has been treated with an oxidation process. The lightweight feature makes the chair lighter and easier to carry and move. The thickened aluminum alloy round tube also increases the support and stability of the chair.

The oxidation process forms an oxide film on the surface of the chair, which not only provides an additional layer of protection and extends the service life, but also increases the chair's antioxidant capacity, making it less susceptible to oxidation.

The design of the chair is also very beautiful. , whether placed in the outdoor garden or used indoors, it can coordinate with the surrounding environment and add a sense of fashion to the entire space.

The chair can also bear a weight of up to 150kg and has excellent load-bearing capacity, allowing people of all sizes to use it safely and comfortably, providing a comfortable sitting feeling and stable support.

Folding chairs for outdoor camping are one of the furniture we often use, and their stability and sturdiness are very important considerations when we choose a chair.

This chair uses specialized hardware connections to build its structure, resulting in excellent stability and a sturdy feel. These connectors are professionally designed and manufactured to ensure the firmness between the connection points, making the chair less likely to loosen or deform during long-term use, providing reliable support.

This type of connection gives the chair greater stability. Hardware connectors can securely fasten various parts of the chair together, allowing the entire chair to evenly support body weight and remain stable during use. In this way, users can get a better sense of security and stability when sitting on the chair.

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The seat fabric of this chair is made of high-density 600G mesh material, which has excellent breathability and comfort. Editing techniques are used to increase the density of the grid, thereby maintaining air circulation between the grids and avoiding a feeling of crowding and stuffiness. This ensures your comfort when using the seat for long periods of time.

The seat fabric of this chair is flexible and durable. Its high-density mesh production process gives it excellent elasticity and softness, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of sitting on it. At the same time, this material effectively resists the wear and tear of daily use, so it maintains its appearance and quality over the long term.

Bringing you refreshing microcirculation breathability while ensuring comfort and durability. Whether used in the workplace or home environment, it provides you with a comfortable sitting experience and is durable.

Perhaps it is the memory of the hot summer vacation time when I was a child, the sun has left a deep mark on my memory.

Whenever summer comes, I always believe that something good will happen in life, and if it hasn't happened yet, it means it will happen soon.

Camping is one of those beautiful things. Whether it is outdoors or at home, I can experience the joy that camping brings.

This summer, I decided to incorporate camping into my daily routine, both in nature and at home.

Areffa Meets Summer (9)

Do you have any plans for your life this summer?

I believe that the beautiful things that summer brings us will never be absent.

This summer, let us embrace camping together, find the beauty in life, and feel the breath of happiness and joy.

This is my beautiful camp life, ongoing.

Post time: Aug-25-2023
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