The March exhibition concluded successfully – Areffa continues to move forward

Q:Why is camping so hot?


A:Camping is an ancient yet modern outdoor activity. It is not only a way of leisure, but also an experience of close contact with nature. With people's pursuit of healthy living and outdoor adventure, the camping industry is developing rapidly. This industry has a wide variety of products and services, from camping gear to camping sites, providing camping enthusiasts with a wealth of choices.

Camping gear is an integral part of the camping industry. A variety of equipment can meet the needs of campers for outdoor life. With the development of technology, camping equipment is also constantly innovating.

Areffa's lightweight equipment continues to emerge, providing campers with a more comfortable and convenient outdoor experience.




At the Dongguan Famous Furniture Exhibition, Guangdong, Areffa displayed its outdoor camping folding tables and chairs, allowing everyone to more intuitively understand its convenience and entertainment. This approach is very innovative and forward-looking.








By participating in the Home Furniture Exhibition, we showed people that Areffa products are not only household furniture, but also portable furniture suitable for outdoor camping. This kind of publicity method can not only attract target customers in the furniture industry, but also attract outdoor camping enthusiasts and expand the potential customer base.







In the camping industry, Areffa is as always loved by many fans, and the Areffa team would like to extend its most sincere gratitude and respect to everyone. Thank you all old friends for your support. Your support and praise are the best feedback and encouragement for our unremitting efforts, and are the most solid motivation and confidence for us to move forward.



At the CLE Hangzhou Outdoor Camping Life Exhibition, Areffa brought carbon fiber campers, carbon fiber folding chairs, carbon fiber adjustable folding chairs, multi-functional folding racks, etc. These products demonstrated Areffa’s innovation and expertise in outdoor camping products and attracted many Attention and love from outdoor enthusiasts.


Especially the carbon fiber folding chair, which is ultra-light, ultra-stable, and ultra-comfortable. A foreign friend especially liked it!



The successful conclusion of these two exhibitions has allowed Areffa's products to be more widely displayed and recognized, and also established a more professional and innovative image for its brand.


Areffa successfully showed everyone that their products are not only household furniture, but also portable furniture suitable for outdoor camping.


Areffa creates a casual lifestyle for you.



Let’s meet again at Shanghai ISPO in June

Post time: Mar-29-2024
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