Areffa is preparing to make a wonderful appearance at the 51st International Furniture Fair


The 51st International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition will be held from March 15th to 19th at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie, Dongguan.  All 10 exhibition halls are open, 1,100+ brands gather together, and 100+ events are held in turn to showcase the beauty of products, craftsmanship, design and quality to the outside world.


TOP brands gather to create a new design palace.


The Famous Furniture Fair held in March every year is the first spring exhibition in the home furnishing industry, and it is also the launch place for new products, new trends, and new models from outstanding global brands.


The 51st International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition in 2024 will comprehensively upgrade the exhibition area planning, including quality furniture, high-end customization, complete integration, software intelligence, fashionable two halls, smart sleep, children's furniture, outdoor furniture, soft decoration accessories, Trendy art, furniture materials, intelligent machinery and other major home furnishing categories.

Areffa will appear with exquisite products

 We sincerely invite you to come!


As an influential brand, Areffa has always adhered to the spirit of "persistence", which represents reassuring quality assurance.


In order to let more people have a deeper understanding of the "professional manufacturing" of the Areffa brand, the Areffa brand has never given up its pursuit of quality. The materials and design styles used have been carefully screened and selected to ensure the quality and practicality of the products.


The new fabric materials and upgraded design styles displayed at this exhibition will be eye-catching. These new products improve the quality of existing fabrics, incorporate more innovative elements, and provide users with more comfortable and durable products through careful design. "Professional manufacturing" is not just a slogan, it is the goal that the Areffa brand has always pursued.


Areffa's persistence and determination in professional manufacturing will also enable more people to deeply understand and recognize the quality assurance represented by the Areffa brand.


We hope that through the exhibition, more people will understand the exquisite craftsmanship and quality assurance behind Areffa's professional manufacturing. It will also further consolidate Areffa's position in the industry and win the trust and support of more consumers.

What products will Areffa bring to the exhibition?

Let’s take a look first

Areffa designers always use simpler geometric lines and richer colors to simplify the use of chairs to the greatest extent. No installation is required, and you can sit on them immediately.


Choosing the Areffa dopamine low-back seal chair for travel will not only elevate outdoor camping to an exquisite experience, but also allow you to truly feel the comfort and happiness brought by the fusion of color and nature.


Because of this chair, Areffa specially designed a hidden track adjustment. This is a patented design that can prevent fingers from being pinched when we perform the adjustment operation. We are caring, don’t worry.


After 5 years of research and development, the birth of a chair requires 18 professional craftsmen, 108 processes, and 200 hours to make. It also passed the dynamic load-bearing test of 50 kilograms for 10,000 times and the static load-bearing test of 500 kilograms for 72 hours.

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 A campervan that can bear 300 pounds only has 6.3kg. Do you believe it?  !  The Areffa carbon fiber camper does just that! Come and experience it.


Friends who like lightweight and mountaineering friends, Areffa's new IGT lightweight table is suitable for you!

The whole thing is made of aluminum alloy, which is very light. The table top is spray-painted with wear-resistant material, which is oil-proof and not easy to scratch. Very light, only 2kg! Outdoor gear must be light, compact and easy to travel with!


The table top is 3.0mm thick, hard and non-deformable, thick and lightweight. The surface is specially coated and has excellent water resistance, heat resistance and anti-fouling properties, creating a comfortable experience.

The patented design of the aluminum alloy table legs, the triangle evenly distributes force, and the scientific angle is closely connected with the table bottom, making it stable and non-shaking.


Camping with you

Sustainable development has become a new concept of life. When we hike, camp, and explore around the city, we discover that from towering trees to rushing rivers, from birds and animals to insects and fungi, the all-encompassing nature is still an irreplaceable source of our imagination.

Life has become many concrete feelings. Perhaps one of our lessons is to learn how to actively choose while passively accepting: keep it simple and discard redundancy and interference.

Camping is the most direct embodiment of our life philosophy, where we implement practicality and quality throughout. This is why Areffa occupies more and more positions in the camping market.

Nature is not necessarily a destination for us to "escape from the city", but a new scene that can be intertwined with our bustling urban life, and a future that we can live with.

In nature, love nature - the combination of mind and nature can produce wisdom and imagination.

Post time: Mar-09-2024
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